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SME Survey is the original representative survey of SMEs in South Africa

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SME Survey - original representative survey of SMEs in SA.

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Welcome to SME Survey

SME Survey is the original representative survey of small, medium and micro enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa.

Since 2003, SME Survey conducts South Africa's original and largest annual study of the impact of business factors on the competitiveness and success of SMEs. Each year a focus area is identified and developed into a core research question or hypothesis. The findings are then published in a report that is made available to clients, while headline findings and executive summaries are made publicly available.

Year-on-year findings are based on 1,400 telephonic interviews with a randomly selected sample of decision-makers at South African SMEs, consisting of companies across all vertical sectors with 2 to 200 staff.

SME Survey 2018, in partnership with Intuit Quickbooks, sets out to address how well SMEs are coping with both tech and non-tech challenges. On the one side, the business world being bombarded daily with reports of corruption and fraud that results in a sense of hopelessness among many entrepreneurs: on the other, the rapid pace of the digital revolution is leaving many behind.

Clearly, if SMEs are to play the significant role envisioned for them, it is critical that they are protected from the former threat, and address the latter by becoming part of the revolution.

A core hypothesis of the survey is that the SMEs that are forced to deal with corruption and have not been able to join the digital revolution are less competitive than those that could steer clear of tainted business waters and who embraced digital change.

These core questions will also be measured alongside the extent of SME use of a range of services, tools and platforms, including financial services, cloud computing, social media, and mobility.

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