About Us

SME Survey (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 2003 by Arthur Goldstuck, owner World Wide Worx, Debbie Whittaker, owner Coolcumba Communications and Celeste Whitaker, owner Fizz Marketing Services.

Key areas of responsibility include:

  • Research, analysis, report writing, presenting and consulting: World Wide Worx
  • Project management, sponsorships, PR, media and marketing: Coolcumba Communications
  • Event management: Fizz Marketing

SME Survey's vision is to maintain its position as the original and largest annual SME research and marketing provider in South Africa; offering project stakeholders strategic information, education and networking platforms for them to communicate with SME business decision-makers in South Africa.

SME Survey (Pty) Ltd. is a proud member of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa.

Visit: www.dmasa.org
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